• Reservoir Engineering In Modern Oilfields. Vertical, Deviated, Horizontal And Multilateral Well Systems
  • Reservoir Engineering In Modern Oilfields. Vertical, Deviated, Horizontal And Multilateral Well Systems

Reservoir Engineering In Modern Oilfields. Vertical, Deviated, Horizontal And Multilateral Well Systems

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Real-world reservoirs are layered, heterogeneous and anisotropic, exposed to water and gas drives, faults, barriers and fractures

All of these important processes can now be simulated in any order using rapid, stable and accurate computational models developed over two decades

And all are subject to steady and transient production, each satisfying different physical and mathematical laws, making reservoir simulation an art difficult to master and introducing numerous barriers to entry

And what if it were further possible to sketch complicated geologies and lithologies, plus equally complex systems of general wells, layer-by-layer using Windows Notepad And with no prior reservoir simulation experience and only passing exposure to reservoir engineering principles Have the user press Simulate, and literally, within minutes, produce complicated field-wide results, production forecasts, and detailed three-dimensional color pressure plots from integrated graphics algorithms Developed over years of research, this possibility has become reality

The author, an M.I.T

The new methods are rigorous, validated and well-documented and are now available for broad petroleum industry application.

They are produced by systems of vertical, deviated, horizontal and multilateral wells whose locations, sizes, shapes and topologies are dictated on the fly, at random by petroleum engineers and drillers at well sites

This volume describes new technology for down-to-earth problems using numerous examples performed with our state-of-the-art simulator, one that is available separately at affordable cost and requiring only simple Intel Core i5 computers without specialized graphics boards

Wells may be pressure or rate-constrained, with these roles re-assigned during simulation with older laterals shut-in, newer wells drilled and brought on stream, and so on

Workflows developed from experience as a practicing reservoir engineer are incorporated into intelligent menus that make in-depth understanding of simulation principles and readings of user manuals unnecessary

Trained scientist who has authored fifteen original research books, over a hundred papers and forty patents, winner of a prestigious British Petroleum Chairman's Innovation Award in reservoir engineering and a record five awards from the United States Department of Energy, has delivered just such a product, making real-time planning at the well-site simple and practical

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